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Compatibility List:

Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 Plus / Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus / Samsung Galaxy Note 9 / 8

LG G5, LG G6 LG V20,LG V30 Moto z force, Moto z play Moto z2 force, Moto z2 play Nintendo Switch Google Pixel/Pixel XL

Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL and other USB C devices.

What is Adaptive Fast Charging for Technology?

“This technology allows the smartphone to use a higher charge capacity, because of this the battery can charge up to 50% faster.”

Smart-IC Intelligent Technology

The smart IC in the charger can regulate the voltage of electric current and prevent your devices from over-current, overheating or overcharging, providing a safe charge.

Should I worry that the charger gets hot while charging?

“The purpose of this AFC technology is to get the phone charged to a percentage of 50 to 60 percent. During charging, the charger & phone may become very hot. It will cool down after 60% of battery. Therefore, AFC ( Adaptive Fast Charging ) is actually not use to fully charge a device.

What is the difference between Quick Charge (QC) and Adaptive Fast charging (ADC)?

They are basically the same technology but brands marketed in different name. While Qualcomm named it Quick Charge, Samsung named it Adaptive Fast Charging.

Will this product Quick Charge other Android phones?

Yes. As long as your device supports Quick Charge/Fast Charge/QC2.0 & QC3.0, our wall charger with Type-C cable will quickly charge your device.


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