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iPhone 14 Plus Summary

The iPhone 14 Plus is identical to the iPhone 14 in terms of features and most specifications, which means it has roughly the same capabilities as the iPhone 13. It does have a bigger screen and battery, so you get some of the benefits of the Pro Max models but at a relatively reasonable price. If you want a big screen or are looking for more of a reason to upgrade from an older iPhone, this might be the one for you. Battery life is fantastic, and overall performance is smooth. The cameras work very well in daylight and also do a decent job at night with favourable compositions. The iOS ecosystem promises security and software updates for many years. The iPhone 14 Plus might be a bit unwieldy but isn’t too heavy. On the downside, you don’t get features that many less expensive phones these days offer such as fast charging, a high refresh rate display with always-on functionality, and multiple rear cameras.

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